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Universal Websites

At Universal Websites, we don’t just design websites, we craft powerful sales engines for travel companies – large or small, niche or mainstream. Connect with hundreds of suppliers, showcase thousands of travel products, and empower your customers with seamless booking options.

Why choose Universal Websites?
Universal choice: Offer your customers an unparalleled selection. We integrate with hundreds of travel suppliers, giving you access to thousands of flights, accommodation, package holidays, cruise holidays, car rental, transfers, and more.
Live booking or personalised enquiries: The choice is yours. Our websites can be built to facilitate instant, 24/7 bookings, or capture enquiries for a more customised approach.
Effortless management: Our user-friendly content management system (Impact CMS) allows you to easily update your website with new products and offerings, ensuring your customers always have access to the latest, and greatest travel deals.
Visually stunning design: We capture the magic of travel with beautiful, high-quality images, videos, and captivating content that inspires and drives bookings.
Mobile-first approach: In today’s travel world, mobile is king. Our websites are optimised for all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) ensuring a seamless user experience for your customers.
SEO expertise: Attract more qualified leads. Our websites are built for search engine optimisation, helping your travel options rank higher in search results and reach a wider audience.
Data-driven insights: Gain valuable data on user behaviour and website performance. Use these insights to optimise your content, marketing strategies, and product selections for maximum impact.
Dedicated support seam: Our team of experts are here for you every step of the way. We offer ongoing support and provide maintenance to keep your website running smoothly.
Increase conversion rates with a live bookable website

Extend your business hours to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! With a live bookable website, your business never closes, you can take bookings from all corners of the world, at any time of day.

Increase conversion rates with high-quality, impactful visuals, concise information, and less clicks to book. Present lightning quick search results by plugging into MegaCache’s inventory of millions of cached product searches and watch the conversion rates soar!

We can even set up virtual credit cards so that when your client books a product, we will go off and confirm the flight seats and/or accommodation with the airline or supplier in real-time, cutting out dreaded price increases and change in availability. Alternatively, we can book the flight seats on the client’s credit card so the booking with the airline is direct.

Blended search

Our blended search allows you to sell your own stock of flights, accommodation, or package holidays, with the results blended with your other suppliers. You set the parameters for the search results too, whether that be best price, recommended, or your own stock first, the decision is yours.

Performance without compromise

At Universal Websites pride ourselves on designing beautiful, cutting-edge websites but we never compromise on performance. Speed is key, and we ensure that page loads and search results are delivered instantly while maintaining high-quality imagery, bold and concise information, and prominent call to action. Your customers need a responsive web site, which provides them with all the tools they need to reach a decision, and make a booking, with a Universal Website you will have just that!

Manage my booking

With our ManageMyBooking feature, you can streamline administration by allowing your clients access to their booking and provide them with access to documentation, saving hours of work for your admin team. You can also increase revenue by offering baggage and seat selection, as well as extras such as airport parking, transfers, and insurance.

Bespoke design, unique to you

During the planning stage you will work closely with our team of experts to create a website that is unique to your brand. The fundamentals of a good travel website are the same, but the look and feel are all yours, and should emphasise your brand. With UniqueContent, we can even re-write product descriptions so that they are not the same as any other website on the planet.

Performance results you can rely on

Do you know where a visitor to your website came from? What they were looking for? And if you delivered what they wanted, or they left disappointed? With our sophisticated analytics you’ll have all this information at your fingertips. Empowering you with detailed data allows you to optimise your marketing campaigns, save you money on wasted clicks, and ensure visitors to your site are landing on the pages and offers relevant to their search.

Quickly and easily add meta tagging to your content using our powerful ImpactCMS. Tag hotels such as golf, ski, family, couples, to make sure potential customers searching for these facilities find your website.

Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your vision and explore how Universal Websites can transform your online presence. Let’s unlock a world of travel possibilities for your customers and your business!

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