SmartHolidays (API)Tailored APIs

The ultimate holiday API for your travel business

SmartHolidays API by Top Dog Travel Systems is a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionise how travel companies access, package, and sell travel-related products directly on their websites, or even distribute to third parties.

This powerful API offers seamless integration and a robust selection of travel products including flights, accommodation, cruise, car rental, transfers, and tours. Whether you’re looking to offer comprehensive packages, or individual services, SmartHolidays API makes it all possible with ease.

Tailored to your business needs

SmartHolidays API is not just a tool; it’s a gateway to a tailored travel selling experience. Configured specifically to meet the needs of your business, the API pulls only the suppliers, routes, and destinations that are relevant to you. This means you can focus on selling what best suits your market and clients, enhancing both service and efficiency.

Increase bookings and open new sales channels

With SmartHolidays API, the customer’s journey from browsing to booking is streamlined, reducing drop-off. Customers can click directly on the offers that they like and make firm bookings through your website. Additionally, you can expand your reach by sharing your deals with third-party comparison sites or travel club emails. Visitors to these sites who click on your offers will be redirected back to your website, right to the deal they chose, fostering a seamless booking experience and driving more sales.

SmartHolidays API by Top Dog Travel Systems is
Fully customisable: Tailor the API feed to your specific needs. Choose only the suppliers, routes, and destinations relevant to your target audience, ensuring a focused and relevant user experience.
Extensive product range: Offer your customers a comprehensive selection of travel products, allowing them to book their dream holiday with ease. Flights, accommodation, transfers, and tours – all at your fingertips.
Seamless booking integration: When configured, users can click and book directly from your offers, eliminating the need for manual booking.
Third-party distribution: Expand your reach and give your deals to comparison sites, meta sites, or email platforms. Users will click your offer and be directed back to your website to complete the booking.
Calendar view power: Showcase availability and pricing in an easy-to-understand calendar format. Let users explore prices by day of the week and find their perfect deal.
Flexibility at its finest: Whether you need hotel information only (images and descriptions), or a complete suite of products, SmartHolidays API adapts to your needs. Choose the components and suppliers that best suit your business.
The competitive advantage you need
Reduced development time: Get up and running quickly with our user-friendly, one-stop API, saving you valuable time and resources
Increased efficiency: Streamline your operations by managing all travel products within a single platform.
Enhanced customer experience: Empower your customers to find personalised holidays and complete bookings with ease.
Boosted sales and revenue: Offer a wider range of products, reach a broader audience, and convert more searches into paying customers.
Integrated or stand-alone

While SmartHolidays API is optimised to work seamlessly with Top Dog Travel System’s Interactive Reservations System and Universal B2C websites, it can also function as a stand-alone product. This versatility allows you to utilise the API with your existing systems, managed by your own tech team, making it a flexible option for companies at any tech capacity level.

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