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What is ImpactCMS?

ImpactCMS - or content management system - is a portal that gives you direct control over the content on your website. Your website is your shop window, the contents should be up to date, show off your brand, attract and inform customers through the research stage, and above all generate bookings. ImpactCMS is a very comprehensive tool, but one which is very easy to use.

Effortlessly improve your SEO with ImpactCMS.
Our powerful ImpactCMS allows you to add meta tags quickly and easily to your content. By tagging your hotels with relevant keywords like "golf," "ski," "family," or "couples," you'll make it easier for potential customers searching for those amenities to find your website.
Understand your website visitors and optimise your marketing strategy. Uncover valuable insights about your website visitors with our advanced analytics including Google Analytics 4 (GA4). See where they come from, what they're looking for, and if they find what they need. This data empowers you to:
Target the right audience: Optimise your marketing campaigns to reach potential customers searching for what you offer.
Reduce wasted ad spend: Save money by eliminating clicks that don't convert into leads or sales.
Deliver a seamless user experience: Ensure visitors land on the most relevant pages and offers, boosting satisfaction.
Effortless content management

Once your website has been crafted by our team of expert developers, the power is in your hands. Of course, our developers remain by your side for future enhancements and more complex work, but with ImpactCMS your ideas can quickly become reality.

Imagine this: You have a brilliant idea for a new itinerary, special offer, or tour, but updating your website to showcase it is too much of a challenge. Forget attempting complex code, ImpactCMS empowers you to take control of your website content with an intuitive interface designed for ease of use.

Be pro-active: stay one step ahead

With ImpactCMS you’re not raising tickets and waiting for web developers to make changes for you, you can react to news and events in real-time. Adjust existing or create new landing pages to inform your customers about the latest news, hot deals, and other important information, put together packages and tours with their own specific page, allowing you to be precise with your marketing and track performance.

Dare to be different: offer unique content

Stand out from the competition and add unique content to your accommodation pages. Re-write descriptions, add customer reviews, and even update alternative photographs, giving your content, and website, a more personal feel that is totally unique to you.

What’s more, our sister company UTC can create unique content for you, for as many accommodations as you like. We can quickly give a fresh and more professional look to thousands of accommodations, saving days, if not weeks of your precious time.

Streamline your supply chain

You may have a preferred supplier, or you may have multiple suppliers and choose which to book based on varying factors such as commissions, overrides, or promo periods. With ImpactCMS you can set a supplier hierarchy so that the results on the website are governed by your supplier preference set up. This can be changed in seconds, so if one of your suppliers gives you a special offer buying period, then you can put them to the top of the list so they will naturally appear first.

You have access to all suppliers integrated with Top Dog Travel Systems, so if you decide to start working with a new supplier, you can quickly switch them on in ImpactCMS so they are on sale on your website.

Special offers worth shouting about

Quickly and easily create new landing pages for special offers, tailored trips, or seasonal escapes, and direct visitors straight to the relevant page as part of your on and off-line marketing strategies. Track statistics to monitor campaign performance and harness the data to make your offer pages more impactful. Creating landing pages on the fly gives you so much power to react to market conditions, day, or night.

Ready to take control of your website?

ImpactCMS can transform your website into a powerful marketing tool that drives bookings and fuels your business success.

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