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The all-in-one accommodation powerhouse

Imagine seamlessly offering a world of accommodation options on your website, all branded as your own. RoomConnect empowers travel businesses to become accommodation powerhouses. We aggregate inventory from leading global channels – like XML Travelgate, Dingus, and Juniper to name a few – and allow you to integrate it straight into your website alongside your existing contracts. What’s more, you can also blend your own accommodation contracts with RoomConnect stock and distribute it to third-party comparison sites such as Love Holidays and Ice Lolly, all diverting bookings back to your website.

Transform your online presence
Go global instantly: Showcase thousands of hotels worldwide, catering to diverse needs and budgets. No need for time consuming individual contracts.
Seamless integration: RoomConnect integrates effortlessly with your website, presenting a unified user experience for your customers.
White label advantage: Brand the entire inventory as your own, strengthening your brand identity and customer awareness.
Third-party distribution: Expand your reach! Distribute your curated hotel selection to popular comparison sites like Love Holidays and Ice Lolly, attracting a much wider audience.
Effortless management: Manage your entire inventory from a single platform, eliminating the need for juggling multiple channels and logins.
Real-time updates: Ensure accurate availability and pricing boosting customer confidence.
Increased revenue potential: Offer a wider range of hotels, cater to a broader client base, and unlock significant revenue growth opportunities.
A world of opportunities

Across the various channels that are integrated into RoomConnect, most of the world’s hotels and hotel groups are accounted for. If you want to expand your portfolio and start selling more destinations or hotel groups, then RoomConnect can make it happen.

Stand out from the crowd with unique content

Within the RoomConnect platform you can make the hotel descriptions, features, and even images your own with the simple editor. Use AI to create hotel descriptions that make your brand stand out from the crowd. If weeks of content writing sounds like hard work, then why not let our team at UniqueContent take care of thousands of re-writes for you? In a short space of time, the hotel content you are distributing can be unique to your brand; incorporate your brand within the text, or even translate it to multiple languages.

Ready to take control of your accommodation inventory?

Discover how RoomConnect can transform your website into a global travel destination and empower you to build a powerful, revenue-generating brand.

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