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Simplify accommodation contract management and enhance your productivity

Contracts made easy: Build, manage, and synchronise using ContractsBuilder

Introducing ContractsBuilder by Top Dog Travel Systems, the innovative accommodation contract solution that seamlessly integrates with our Interactive Reservations System, empowering DMCs, ground staff, and overseas contract managers to build, manage, and synchronise contracts – all in one place!

ContractsBuilder streamlines the process for everyone
Effortless contract creation: Provide your contracting teams with access to ContractsBuilder rather than your whole reservations system. ContractsBuilder offers a user-friendly interface that allows DMCs, ground staff, and overseas contract managers to build accurate, seasonal accommodation contracts which link directly into your Interactive Reservations System, call centre, website and more.
Real-time data synchronisation: Seamlessly bridge the gap between ContractsBuilder and your Interactive Reservations System. Changes made within ContractsBuilder are automatically reflected in your Interactive Reservations System, and vice versa, ensuring data consistency and eliminating the risk of errors.
Enhanced collaboration & communication: Foster improved communication with property partners. ContractsBuilder facilitates easy communication regarding contracts, allowing for real-time edits, approvals, and revisions within a centralised platform.
ContractsBuilder goes beyond simple management:
Boost efficiency across your team: Free up valuable time and resources for your entire team. ContractsBuilder simplifies data entry and ensures everyone has access to the latest contract information, maximising productivity, and minimising communication breakdowns.
Improved accuracy & reduced errors: Eliminate the risk of human error and maintain data integrity. ContractsBuilder tracks all changes on a user basis, so it’s simple to monitor contract changes, and easily identify which member of your team has made a change. A streamlined flow ensures that data input is simple to follow and reduces errors.
Enhanced visibility & control: Gain complete oversight of your contract portfolio and accommodation offerings. ContractsBuilder's intuitive dashboards provide insights into key details and expiry dates, allowing for proactive contract management and renewal processes.
ContractsBuilder is perfect for:
Travel companies utilising Interactive Reservations System: Streamline your existing workflow and unlock the full potential of your Interactive Reservations System with seamless contract integration.
DMCs, ground staff, and overseas contract managers: Build, manage, and synchronise contracts with ease, regardless of location or technical expertise.
Travel businesses seeking efficiency: Boost overall team productivity with ContractsBuilder's intuitive platform.

Don't let contract management hinder your travel operations! Harmonise your workflow with ContractsBuilder and unlock a world of efficiency and seamless data synchronisation. Learn more about how ContractsBuilder can empower your team!

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