How long have Top Dog Travel Systems been trading?

Top Dog Developments Ltd t/a Top Dog Travel Systems was founded in 2001 in Peterborough, UK. More than 20 years later and still headquartered in Peterborough, Top Dog Travel Systems continues to grow and add more exciting, cutting-edge tech to its portfolio.

I operate multiple travel businesses, will I need separate systems for each brand?

No, our Interactive Reservations System allows you to setup multiple retailers within the same instance of the platform and quickly and easily navigate between them. This multi-retailer functionality allows you to operate your different brands, B2B, B2C, multi-currency, home working divisions, and even travel consortia. For more information and product videos, visit the Interactive Reservations System page.

I already have a website, will I need to change it if I want to use some of Top Dog Travel Systems' products?

The short answer is no.

Although we do produce a wide range of modern, bookable travel websites, if you already have one that you're happy with, your developer will be able to integrate some of Top Dog Travel Systems' products seamlessly with our suite of APIs. Head over to our Cached Data & API's product page for more info.

How can I get a demo of Top Dog Travel Systems products?

You can request a demo via our online demo request form, email, or by calling our sales team directly. We can offer on-line virtual meeting demonstrations as well as face to face either in our head offices in Peterborough, or at your own premises.

Do you have a price list?

Our systems are tailored to each client's individual needs so it's impossible to publish a static price list. We are very competitive in the travel technology market and are confident that we can tailor a system to your requirements and budget. Get in touch with us today and we'll be happy to discuss pricing in more detail with you.

Will I get help setting up the system and training?

Yes of course, our dedicated team are on hand to help you every step of the way. As well as assisting you with the initial setup of suppliers, routes, destinations, and margins etc. we will also provide you and your team with some initial training, and access to ongoing training as often as required. We also provide you with access to sophisticated, yet simple to understand, training manuals on all our products.

Will I lose my existing data if join Top Dog Travel Systems?

We can import data into our systems in a number of formats, therefore, if you choose to become a client of Top Dog Travel Systems, then you can bring your data with you.