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You set the parameters, we provide the tech

Forget generic solutions. TailorMade Cache from Top Dog Travel Systems is revolutionary cache technology meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of your travel business. Our MegaCache solution aggregates millions of travel search results from hundreds of suppliers ready to be integrated into websites and travel systems all around the world. With TailorMade Cache, we harness the same power and speed, but we only provide you with the data that’s relevant to your business, removing excess data that you don’t require.

Experience unparalleled speed and precision:
Lightning-fast results - in milliseconds: TailorMade Cache delivers search results curated specifically for your offerings, ensuring split-second response times that keep your customers engaged.
Unwavering accuracy - always up to date: We understand the importance of trust. TailorMade Cache provides consistently accurate information through regular price updates, eliminating customer frustration and wasted time.
Boost user experience and drive conversions:
Effortless exploration: Present your customers with a captivating selection of perfectly matched flights, hotels, holidays, tours, or cruises - all within their desired parameters.
Seamless filtering: Empower your customers with intuitive filtering options that deliver immediate results based on their preferences, eliminating the need for multiple searches.
Increased conversion rates: Studies show that presenting customers with the perfect options instantly can skyrocket conversion rates by over 75%.
A seamless fit for your travel business:
Effortless integration: TailorMade Cache seamlessly integrates into your existing website or can be accessed through a dedicated API. We work closely with you to ensure a perfect fit.
Bespoke solution: Unlike generic cache solutions, TailorMade Cache is built specifically for your business. We take the time to understand your offerings, target audience, and unique needs.
Niche travel businesses with specialised offerings
Travel companies seeking a competitive edge through personalised search
Businesses looking to optimise website performance and user experience
Increased profitability: By streamlining the user experience and boosting conversion rates, TailorMade Cache paves the way for increased sales and profitability.
Flexibility: TailorMade Cache adapts and grows with your business. Easily update your offerings and criteria as your business evolves.

Unlock the full potential of your travel business with TailorMade Cache. See what a bespoke cache can do for you!

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all solution. TailorMade Cache empowers you to create a travel search experience that is uniquely yours.

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