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Turn website visitors into booking champions. Effortlessly.

BookingBuddy empowers tourist boards, hotel groups, sports clubs, and tourist attractions (to name a few), to sell relevant real-time travel inventory and monetise their website.

Imagine a visitor to a tourist board website researching a destination and being given the opportunity to perform a live availability search...and book! With BookingBuddy, that is a reality, we already know where the client wants to go, and the nearest destination airport, so with a couple of clicks your website can present them with your inventory of accommodation, the accommodation in your region, or even the accommodation of your preferred suppliers or sponsors and allow a booking.

The booking can be completed in real time, or you can receive a booking request allowing you to fulfil it manually later.

We see an enormous opportunity for tourist boards worldwide to incorporate BookingBuddy into their websites, opening-up real-time availability and booking of hotels in the region. Increasing visitors to the area, while generating additional revenue for the hotels and local businesses. What's more, by working with a fully licenced partner, website visitors will be able to book flights, accommodation, package holidays, car rental, transfers, and local attractions all via the tourist board website.

Unlock a world of booking possibilities
Real-time inventory & bookings: Our platform allows you to sell rooms, experiences, and travel products instantly, 24/7.
Flexible booking options: Cater to all preferences. Real-time booking or fulfilment options requiring manual confirmation or enable a third party to fulfil on your behalf.
Targeted search results: We keep things relevant. Users searching tourist board websites, or through hotel collections will only see results specific to your offering.
Beyond hotel walls: Expand your offering. Integrate flights and other travel products, allowing visitors to book their entire holiday with ease.
Maximise monetisation: Turn your website into a powerful revenue stream. We help you capture bookings, generate income, and boost your bottom line. Whether that's direct booking, commission, or advertising revenue.
Seamless integrations: Integrate BookingBuddy with your existing websites and/or your customers websites.
Detailed analytics & reporting: Gain valuable insights into guest behaviour and booking trends. Use this data to optimise your offerings and marketing strategies.
Benefits for different partners:
Tourist boards: Increase destination visibility, encourage direct bookings, and generate income for local businesses.
Hotel chains: Streamline booking processes, offer additional products such as flights, car rental, and transfers.
Sports clubs: Add additional revenue opportunities by offering travel booking services to your members.

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