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Game-changing cache technology revolutionising the travel industry

Lightning-fast, accurate search results

Introducing MegaCache by Top Dog Travel Systems, the game-changing cache technology designed to revolutionise travel searches. The most important aspects of any travel search are speed and accuracy. MegaCache instantly delivers results from millions of offers and hundreds of suppliers lightning-fast, without compromising our own high-levels of accuracy.

Improve user experience

MegaCache does all the hard work so that you and your customers don’t have to. Instantly present high quality, impactful search results that match the flight, hotel, holiday, tour, or cruise that your customer is looking for. Show your customers alternative dates - including the cheapest - removing the need for multiple searches. Filtering is also easy, and the results are immediate.

Increase conversion rates

By aggregating the best deals from across the industry, MegaCache empowers your customers with an unparalleled range of options, guaranteeing they find the perfect trip that fulfils their travel aspirations. Research shows that utilising cached data, and instantly presenting customers with precisely what they are searching for increases conversion rates by over 75%.

Special Features
Lightning-fast search results
Improve user experience
Increase conversion rates
Simple API integration

Seamless integration

MegaCache seamlessly integrates into our existing websites or can be accessed through its own API. This makes it the ideal solution for anyone looking to enhance their online presence. Whether you aim to accelerate website performance or expand your range of offers, MegaCache can turn your vision into reality. Integrate MegaCache into your existing technology or speak to us about our Interactive Reservations System and Universal Websites products for a fully integrated, end-to-end, travel technology solution. Furthermore, if you operate a niche travel business then our TailorMadeCache product is the perfect solution for you, we will work closely with you to create your own bespoke cache.

Endless possibilities

MegaCache as standalone product will undoubtedly improve your website’s search results speed, overall user experience and conversion rates. However, when you connect MegaCache to our Infinity Web Services you gain bookability, funneling your website visitors to book online, increasing sales and profitability. The possibilities don’t end there, Top Dog Travel Systems, with our range of market-leading products, can completely enhance your technology strategy. Talk to us today and see where we can take your travel business.

Distribution channels

Once you are setup with a MegaCache account and selected your criteria – suppliers, products, and margins – not only can you distribute your product to your own website, but you can also export it to third party channels and comparison sites, thus broadening your reach and increasing revenue.

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